Friday, 20 December 2013

Getting Married

Getting married is one of the great Sunnahs of Rasulullaah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). However, it is not just a sunnah itself, but also that it opens up the door to many others as well. There are many other sunan which only married people can act on, and which single people are deprived of. Below are just a few of them. May Allaah SWH grant all married people, by virtue of acting on these things, a blissful, loving and lasting relationship; and may He make it easy for all of us singletons to get married, so that we can implement them as well.

  • Greet her.
  • Convey salams to her from others.
  • Smile at her.
  • Make dua for her.
  • Honour her friends, even after her death. Send them food from a sacrifice.
  • Eat from the same plate.
  • Drink from the same place where she places her mouth, and eat from the same place where she places her mouth.
  • Put a morsel of food in her mouth.
  • Let her comb your hair.
  • Recite Qur’an, while resting your head in her lap.
  • Take a ghusl with her from a single container.
  • Teach and advise her in a gentle manner.
  • Go racing with her and let her win. Later, when she puts on weight, race with her again and beat her.
  • Call her by an endearing nickname.
  • Wipe away her tears.
  • Heed her advice.
  • Take her with you on long journeys. If you have more than one wife, let them cast lots to decide who gets to go.
  • Spend time with her in entertainment, and stay with her until she is satisfied.
  • Let her spend time with her friends.
  • Give her time to adorn herself before going to her for intimacy.
  • Do not go to her in the manner of animals.
  • Make this dua before being intimate with her:
"Bismillah. Allaahumma jannibnash shaitaan, wa jannibish shaitaana maa razaqtanaa."
  • Wake her up to make salaah at night. If she doesn’t get up, sprinkle water on her face. Specifically on the wedding night.
  • Look at her with love.